My aim is to offer a supportive, committed and caring service, that values the wellbeing of the people I work with.
Located in Gatley and St Annes, covering Stockport, South Manchester, and the Fylde Coast, please contact me and begin your journey in creating the life you want.

What my clients say:

“I have been so pleased with the confidence and drive Vicky has helped me achieve. I have made some positive life style changes that I have previously struggled with. With Vicky’s very unique and professional way, I have been able to identify the changes I have wanted to make and have been able to sustain these on an ongoing basis.

Vicky has helped me move forward in my life, and helped me gain confidence in myself, giving me the courage to carry on with my career, instead of giving up and retiring. I’ve even taken on a new role!

Vicky has helped change my life and I can’t thank her enough. She has a lovely positive attitude towards life, which is extremely refreshing and I felt extremely supported by her. Thank you Vicky!”

George Wilson – Birmingham

“Working with Vicky has created significant change in my life, all of which has been positive. The goal I set at the outset was for me to generate clients from my own coaching business, working with women with breast cancer. I had set quite hard and unrealistic expectations on myself and Vicky helped me to re-establish clear, achievable goals and straightforward actions, which helped me to understand why I was not creating success.

I have found working with Vicky to be fun, engaging and challenging, as her style is firm and tenacious, especially when I have been resisting being accountable for actions that I have found to be daunting, but necessary to gain momentum over the weeks.

I have reconsidered my niche market, my overall marketing/PR strategy and have a new target market, which is much more in line with my skills, experience and passion. I now feel excited and enthusiastic about building my business.

Vicky is a fantastic coach and I cannot thank her enough.”

Wendy Price – Gatley

“Counselling changed my life – I know that sounds a little dramatic but totally true. Before I came to counselling I was a little lost, making mistakes and believing my whole world was falling down around me. I have since realised, with Vicky’s help that this simply isn’t true. Before counselling it was like living every day in a clouded bubble – I simply couldn’t see straight.

That has all changed now, the mist has cleared and I feel amazing. This is down to one very special lady, the reason you have visited this site…. Vicky. There are many important people in our lives friends, family partners but I can honestly say this woman has had one of the biggest impacts on my life and without her I know 100% I would not be as happy with my life as I am right now. She helped me when no one else knew how…. not even me. For this I will be forever thankful. If I could leave you with anything it would be “just do it” you never know if you don’t try :)”

Becky – Reddish

“It has been brilliant working with Vicky. I have achieved more in these weeks, in the areas that are important to me, than I managed in the preceding years.

Vicky enabled me to pinpoint what was important to me, and to focus. The action-planning lent a structure to my activities and gave me a check-list to tick off what I had achieved, which provided further motivation. I am happily on the way to achieving my qualification and setting up my own business.

Somehow, getting going has created a kind of magnetism for further opportunities and I have ‘parked’ some of the things that have been hindering me.

Vicky is a very empathetic coach, fun and accessible. Our telephone/Skype coaching sessions made me think, but they were enjoyable too. Vicky also made me feel understood and challenged me when I started going round in circles. She was very flexible, too – I once had a really bad day and she enabled me to choose to postpone to the following morning so that I would benefit more from the session.
The session preparation forms acted as a really useful summary for my activities in the past week or so, and provided a good platform for the next session, as Vicky knew where I currently stood.

I would really recommend Vicky as a coach, because she provides that empathetic and understanding support and encouragement, and the structure and challenge, which help you to find where you want to go and then get going!

Thanks, Vicky!”

Sylvia Sage – Dorset

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More Testimonials

“I really cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me. Recently, I have come up against some things that 6 months ago would have really affected me, but because of everything you have done for me, I was able to get through everything and still remain positive about me and my life.

I truly cannot express how happy I am that you are part of my life and have given the help and support to become a better person and get through my issues.

You are a true inspiration and an amazing person, without this help and support, I do not know where I would be. Thank you for everything :)”

Mark – Reddish

“It is with great pleasure I recommend Vicky. I had never experienced counselling before meeting Vicky and found our time together enormously valuable.

I arrived with a number of irrational insecurities, which were impacting my performance at work. Our time together helped me grow in confidence, overcome fears of public speaking and I left feeling a different man. The ‘fit’ with Vicky felt really natural and I have no problem admitting I would look forward to our counselling sessions.

Since counselling, I have been promoted, have better work life balance and better relationships with friends and family. I owe it to Vicky. Sincerely grateful.”

Max – Stockport

“Vicky has the unique set of skills and personality required for life coaching. She has a friendly, encouraging style and is very understanding. Throughout my sessions I was able to bounce ideas around with Vicky and was able to quickly identify the key areas I needed to focus on.

Once we had identified the main points, Vicky encouraged me to set achievable goals, and she provided the support and accountability to ensure I met them. Whilst setting the goals, Vicky discussed the how’s and whys of doing what we do, providing that extra motivation and encouragement with her own life experience. This method was not overused either, simply drawing a perfect example to emphasise a specific point where needed.
I’ve dragged old habits around with me for years, reading self-help books and blogs, and writing lists of everything I ‘should’ do, but it was only after I began to be life coached by Vicky that I started to make large changes to those old habits and I’m really pleased to say that I’m a much improved person compared to who I was at the beginning of our sessions.

Vicky provides the positivity required for a life coach and I’ve left my sessions many times feeling I could do anything. More importantly I understood that my goals were achievable, but provided enough of a stretch to be worthwhile.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Vicky to anyone looking for a life coach as she provides all the skills to enable us to be a better version of ourselves.”

Chris – Stockport

“Vicky helped me through a dark time when I could not face the world. Her compassion and understanding have made such a difference to my life every day. Vicky helped me develop techniques and strategies, to deal with things which would have sent me back under my duvet without them. I am now back at work and enjoying my life. I would love to have a virtual Vicky, who I could call on for the team talk when I am faltering. Both Vicky and virtual Vicky would say the same thing – you CAN do this and you are not alone.”

Sheila – South Manchester