Wellbeing and Supervision - Supervision

Counselling Supervision
Lytham St Annes and The Fylde Coast

 Face to Face, Outdoor, or On-Line
My aim is to offer a supportive, committed and caring service, that values the wellbeing of the people I work with.
Located in Lytham St Annes and The Fylde Coast, please contact me and begin your journey in creating the life you want.


I am extremely passionate that within my work as a supervisor, the relationship between the two of us is at the very forefront of the work we do – so much so, that the importance goes beyond the actual model itself. As a supervisor I mirror my therapeutic practice, where this relationship is at the core and my approach adaptable to meet your needs.


I strive to offer a balance of support and challenge, in a manner that is respectful, emphatic and congruent. I work to encourage openness and discovery, enabling thorough exploration of your clients’ issues, whilst supporting you in developing yourself both personally and professionally.

Wellbeing and Supervision - Supervision

I aim to provide a safe and trusting space for you to bring all of your practices, dilemmas, fears, successes, disappointments, aspirations and struggles, so that you feel supported and valued. I also offer an opportunity for some lightness and humour, to give some balance in what can often be a challenging role within the work we do.


The foundation of my theoretical model is ‘The Seven-eyed Model of Supervision, developed in 1985 by Hawkins and Shohet. I love this model of supervision, as it is:


‘Both relational and systemic (Hawkins 2011c), in that it looks closely at what happens in both the relationship with the clients and what is happening within the supervisory relationship and considers the interplay of both within the wider systemic contexts of clients, practitioners and supervisor’ (Hawkins and Shoett 2012)


I offer you the opportunity to meet me first, without commitment and free of charge, so you can see if I am the right supervisor for you. Please get in touch, then we can arrange an initial meeting.